We deliver planning, design, construction and management services throughout the industrial supply chain to enhance the performance of industrial facilities.

Our integrated teams serve clients across industries by improving and developing engineered systems that increase productivity, conserve resources, optimize life-cycle costs and reduce risks.

From upfront planning and site permitting through construction, operations and maintenance, clients around the world depend on our ability to deliver comprehensive solutions that create the best outcomes, through:

  • Standardization of design
  • Consistent design solutions
  • Benefits leveraged from key suppliers for efficiency of scale
  • Increased confidence in solutions
  • Cost and time savings/avoidance models
  • Substantially reduced time to market
  • Greatly increased cost certainty
  • Improved quality of buildings and facilities
  • Global footprint and capabilities
  • Designs adapted to accommodate relevant climatic conditions
  • Designs and costs modified for relevant global markets
  • Flexible, integrated delivery
  • Design standards set to bring effective benefits of preferred procurement and construction routes (EPM, EPCM, DB, EPC)
  • Level of detail implemented to maximize procurement benefits
  • Effective technology deployment
  • Use of advanced toolkit or configurator tools
  • Utilization of 3D, 4D and 5D BIM
  • Rooftop consolidation/product co-location
  • Increased capital efficiencies by co-location of facilities
  • Reduction in operational savings