For nearly 20 years, AECOM has worked with our U.S. Navy counterparts to develop flexible education programs for every level of personnel operating VIRGINIA class submarines. Our collaboration with the Navy on this project began with its inception. In addition to helping to write course content and developed interactive courseware to support future training, AECOM is one of only three companies contracted by the Navy to develop Submarine On Board Training products.

Today, our instructors combine naval experience and extensive education to provide both classroom and field instruction. Individually tailored, interactive training tools supplement classroom instruction. Our Interactive Courseware (ICW) program combines in-person instruction with high-quality 3-D simulations.

The multiple modes used for training provides users with the skills needed to operate and repair complex equipment with no tactical hardware in sight. When classroom instruction is not feasible, AECOM courseware and equipment allows training, such as SONAR and Office of the Deck, to take place in remote locations, including at sea. These innovations have saved the Navy considerable training dollars and are now used throughout the submarine community.