Pacific Island Countries (PICs) are experiencing the negative impacts of climate change, such as rising sea level, increasing frequency and intensity of drought and storm events, ocean acidification, and damage to coral reefs and fisheries. Recognizing and responding to these impacts, AECOM has developed a multi-faceted approach to support governments of 12 partner PICs. Through the USAID Climate Ready Project, AECOM works to support partner governments and stakeholders to: draft and implement policies to achieve national adaptation goals; access and manage international sources of financing for resilience projects; and, improve capacity and systems to better manage and monitor resilience projects.

Selected Outcomes

In the first year, USAID Climate Ready has achieved the following:

  • Two national institutions with improved capacity to address climate change risks;
  • Three programs, projects, and activities with facilitated access to international climate financing;
  • One institution with improved capacity to access climate finance, including through twinning partnerships; and
  • 72 regional professionals trained in climate change adaptation.