Substantial progress has been made in the legal and judicial sector in Cambodia in recent years. Indicators suggest, however, that Cambodia remains in the bottom 20 percent of countries globally for rule of law. Significant challenges remain in establishing a fair, transparent and accountable legal and judicial system in Cambodia.

The Australian Government is dedicated to working with the police, courts and prisons to strengthen crime prevention and community safety, improve the functioning of the legal system and improve human rights conditions in Cambodia’s prisons. Cambodia Community Justice Assistance Partnership (CCJAP) continued the support that Australia provided to Cambodia’s criminal justice sector for more than 16 years. AECOM managed this final phase of support with a focus on providing community-oriented, locally owned and locally administered support that works through local institutions.

Working in partnership with the Cambodian government, CCJAP worked to bring about positive change in the following areas:

  • Community policing;
  • Crime prevention and community safety planning and budgeting;
  • Engagement with non-government organisations and civil society;
  • Capacity building of Cambodian National Police;
  • Community awareness raising; and
  • Crime data management.

The Partnership worked towards a justice system that managed more effective pre-trial arrangements and increasingly used evidence to support management. CCJAP aimed to see improved prisons with less overcrowding, lower crime rates, and communities that are safer for women, youth and children across Cambodia.