AECOM has promoted a better quality of life, improved access to basic services, and facilitated sustainable economic growth in developing countries for more than 60 years. We deliver integrated, comprehensive solutions to international development challenges with integrity, transparency, accountability, innovation and reliability. Today, we are one of the world’s largest International Development service providers, delivering solutions in over 100 nations.

Highlighted Successes:

  • Improving access to drinking water for over 1.5M people and delivering over 45,649 hours of training on improved water and sanitation practices in the Philippines.
  • Creating 30 new business plans with livestock value chain actors and targeting 9,042 women with agricultural trainings in Mali.
  • Assisting in developing Kosovo’s 10-Year Energy Strategy, which has been adopted and also endorsed by the World Bank.
  • Ensuring 41,425 people learn new skills in support of good governance and improved service delivery in Afghanistan.
  • Establishment of the first private sector Warehouse Receipts System (WRS) in Mozambique and drafting of a Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff (REFIT) to promote clean energy development in Zambia.
  • Improving the institutional capacity of 40 government institutions in Asia and the Pacific to better respond to the negative impacts of climate change.
  • Developing 35 construction projects in South Sudan, in turn providing much-needed community infrastructure to support peace actors.
  • Enabling 66,000 people to have first-time and better access to sanitation facilities (e.g. latrines) and over 30 zones to achieve Open Defecation Free (ODF) status in Ethiopia.


Infrastructure & Environment

Our team crosses technical disciplines, drawing on the diverse skills available across AECOM, to help make communities and cities better places to live. We offer integrated services for total project delivery, from initial planning studies to detailed design and construction management.

  • Architecture & Engineering
  • Climate Resilience
  • Energy
  • Natural Resources Protection & Management
  • Urban Governance & Services
  • Water & Sanitation

Disaster & Crisis Management

We’re committed to helping governments and communities around the world overcome the extraordinary challenges of natural and man-made disasters. We oversee the provision of relief assistance and longer-term reconstruction support in places affected by socio-political and economic unrest, and humanitarian and environmental emergencies. Our multidisciplinary team operates at the dynamic intersection of social reconciliation, economic programming, political stabilization and environmental recovery.

  • Conflict Management & Mitigation
  • Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Emergency Response
  • Recovery, Transition & Stability
  • Resiliency

Democracy, Human Rights & Governance

Facilitating increased democracy, protecting human rights and strengthening governance are crucial in striving towards effective sustainable socio-economic development. We work with government institutions and civil society to enhance governance and institutional systems, help protect citizens’ rights, prevent conflicts, fight against organized crime, ensure strong public financial management and assist in the pursuit of democratic governance.

  • Civic Engagement
  • Effective Governance & Institutions
  • Justice and Rule of Law
  • Public Financial Management
  • Social Protection

Human Development

We seek to create positive outcomes for societies and communities by working with development partners to increase opportunities in accessing quality education and health services. We also understand that the impact of gender and social inclusion in projects allows us to employ strategies that inclusively and meaningfully consider the individuals we work with – leading to effective, sustainable development outcomes.

  • Education & Employment
  • Empowering Women & Girls
  • Gender Equality
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Social Inclusion

Economic Growth & Agriculture

We offer expertise in value chain management, expanding markets and trade, promoting climate-smart agriculture, and building resilient communities, institutions and businesses. Engaging with value chain participants allows us to develop solutions that address constraints to growth, foster strong and responsive horizontal and vertical linkages, and promote robust management of livelihoods and organizations.

  • Economic Governance
  • Livelihoods & Food Security
  • Private Sector Development
  • Trade & Competitiveness