AECOM in Italy, as a recognised industry leader, delivers services for a broad range of clients including oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and commercial companies. With a large team of dedicated professionals, we strive to align our work to our clients’ strategic goals and business drivers.

Our Milan office is comprised of specialists who, through co-operation with AECOM’s global network of experts, are able to implement a comprehensive set of solutions that lead to the execution of complex projects.

We set ourselves ambitious targets for innovation and foster an environment where employees are encouraged to meet and exceed the clients’ need, no matter how tough are the technical, operational or business challenges.

We are a global integrated services provider with the scale and experience required to meet today’s most demanding engineering, construction and technical challenges. We combine our strengths in environmental consultancy and engineering design to support large-scale projects at every stage of their lifecycle.

Representative Services

Environmental Services: Phase I and II environmental assessments; remediation design and implementation; O&M of remediation systems; remediation process optimisation; Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and permitting; compliance audits, EHS and energy management systems; liabilities assessments and feasibility studies; litigation support.

CM/PM Services: Programme and project management; construction management; procurement; scheduling; decommissioning and demolition; site work direction; safety supervision.

Design and Planning: Water and wastewater engineering; civil engineering; geotechnical engineering; master planning; technical due diligence; land use and feasibility studies.