Information without limits

At AECOM, we understand the challenge of transforming terabytes of structured and unstructured data into reliable and meaningful insights. The i³ by AECOM team combines data science methods with emerging technologies to solve our clients asset information management problems. Through the use of innovative data mining methods we enable sound decision making, risk reduction and ultimately help clients make better use of the assets they already have.

We’re your competitive advantage! Move into the future with our advanced analytics, virtual design and construct techniques and unique dashboards.

Our unique approach is built upon an i3 vision of:

  • Information — validated and managed consistently across the project life cycle;
  • Integration — combining information across project environments, data sets and workflows;
  • Intelligence — the real-time access to credible information via managed common data environment, sensory networks and predictive analytic dashboards.

Integrated life cycle approach

The age of digital asset performance management is here.

Here’s what the i3 by AECOM service delivers:

  • Coordinated customer data — management, integration and interpretation of terabytes of project and portfolio data.
  • Real-time access to digital information — at any point in an asset’s life cycle, clients can make more reliable, rapid and informed decisions.
  • Reduced risk — combining digital information with virtual design and construct techniques allows the creation of a built asset with minimal environmental impact, a more focused supply chain and fewer change orders.
  • Enhanced system efficiency — using Information Modeling, rapid data capture and simulation techniques we create computer-generated environments that mimic real behavior and ensure quality information, resulting in less rework, high efficiency and enhanced scheduling.
  • Maximized performance — integrated information enhances collaboration and outcomes resulting in a streamlined handover processes and cost savings in the operational stages.


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