Since 1992, AECOM has served as the Navy’s primary provider of professional support services to the VIRGINIA class submarine program office, including integration and test support at the shipyards where the vessels are built. The VIRGINIA class submarine, the first U.S. submarine designed for the post-Cold War era, is used for a variety of purposes, including anti-surface-ship warfare, anti-submarine warfare, covert intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, land attack and Special Forces support.

AECOM has supported the Navy’s nuclear submarine force for more than 43 years. We also support LOS ANGELES, SEAWOLF and OHIO class submarines, in addition to VIRGINIA. We assist in all phases of platform and combat system development, test, integration and delivery—from preparing budgets for the Department of Defense, to testing and installing sophisticated ship and combat systems, and performing quality assurance, training and startup services. We install and upgrade Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence (C3I) systems and provide Acoustics Rapid COTS Insertion (ARCI) for Sonar, Towed Systems and Combat Control electronic systems and equipment.

The DoD recognized AECOM’s customer as a 2008 Packard Award recipient for Acquisition Excellence. This award is representative of our support services to large programs, including the VIRGINIA class submarine (a DoD Acquisition Category (ACAT) I program).