Replacing the current Men’s Central Jail site, the new 4,860-bed Los Angeles County Consolidated Treatment Facility is a venture into the future of corrections. Taxpayers can no longer afford a system that doesn’t address re-offending and, with the percentage of the mental illness in the incarcerated population nearing 50 percent, a new approach is critically important.

AECOM is developing the operational and architectural program to translate into a design and specifications package that could represent the future of urban detention facilities by providing a continuum of physical and mental health services to inmates. The scope of this revolutionary new facility includes a County Correctional Treatment Center (CCTF), clinics, high security housing, substance abuse programs and general counseling programs, as well as the standard support functions, such as a parking structure, system-wide inmate court transportation system, food service, warehouse and court services.

The project includes a licensed, 60-bed Correctional Treatment Center with the development of another 180 beds that are licensable for a future total of 240 beds and as granted by the State of California Department of Public Health Licensing Division and the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD).