AECOM personnel support the complex infrastructure and support services necessary to maintain readiness for human space flight, expendable launches, and any other programmatic milestones at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC). We manage and operate the sprawling 4,200-acre KSC complex, including its 900 mission-specific facilities, 16,000 unique NASA systems and equipment, and 600 unique U.S. Air Force systems and equipment.

Responsible for KSC’s master plan, our engineers provide design and construction support to ensure that NASA facilities, systems, equipment, and utilities meet both existing and changing mission needs. We provide acquisition, storage, and distribution services for gaseous nitrogen and helium propellants in support of Shuttle launches, Cape Canaveral rocket tests and local commercial space launches. AECOM scientists help advance future space mission technology, using their specialized laboratory expertise to perform sampling and analysis of gases, fuels, and other complex substances.