For more than a decade, AECOM has supported the full range of development, operation and maintenance needs of both military and civilian unmanned vehicle operations. For the Joint Forces Command, Joint Unmanned Aircraft Systems Center of Excellence, AECOM provides technical and operational expertise to assess systems capabilities plus mission critical studies that define best practices for Unmanned Systems Integration.

Working under the guidance of the Joint Requirements Oversight Council and the Vice Chiefs for each military service, AECOM conducts studies and analyses to determine the most effective employment of UAS and applications of emerging systems. The resulting training ensures better interoperability and prepares our forces to meet joint force commander requirements immediately upon arrival in theater. AECOM-built field reference materials further enable the Joint Warfighter to effectively use these game-changing assets across the range of military operations. Additional work is performed to solve military-to-civilian airspace interoperability problems. AECOM is working to develop solutions for Unmanned Aircraft Systems to fly unrestricted in civilian airspace as any manned aircraft would. Experience with specific unmanned systems includes Fire Scout, Sky Warrior, Global Hawk, Shadow, Predator and Reaper.