The Shopping 1 Genk, the first shopping centre in Belgium, has been operating since 1969. The developer, Wereldhave Belgium, had decided to renovate the facility, with work starting at the end of 2012 and continuing until 2015. Some sections underwent major refurbishments, while others were newly built. The BREEAM assessment – the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for masterplanning projects, infrastructure and buildings – covered an area of 70,000 square metres, which included parking, public and service areas.

The site provides access to public transport services. A railway station is located 600 metres away, and a bus stop with several lines is situated in front of the main entrance. In addition, the first level of the carpark houses 14 recharging stations for electrical cars. The electricity provided on site is generated from a 100-percent renewable energy source.

The design team has also integrated a rainwater collection system of 525 cubic metres. A green facade and an 880-square-metre green roof were installed to increase biodiversity. When full-grown, the green façade will reach a height of about 15 meters, and the green roof will accommodate more than 30 species.

The Shopping 1 Genk scored 59.59 percent against the BREEAM Europe Commercial 2009 SD5066A.V1.1 Environmental and Sustainability Standard, leading to a final BREEAM rating of “very good.”