AECOM has delivered leading-edge creative spaces for Accenture over the last 25 years, with a keen focus on constantly innovating, resulting in inspirational, versatile environments in multiple locations.

AECOM, through legacy firm DEGW, began its strong relationship with Accenture and its forerunners (Andersen Worldwide and Andersen Consulting) in 1992, collaborating on projects around the world. In 1993, DEGW developed the Global Real Estate Management System (GREMS) for Andersen Worldwide, which provided consistent space guidelines internationally and also introduced the concept of hotelling. We went on to develop global design guidelines for Andersen Consulting, later renamed Accenture.

The relationship between Accenture in Spain and AECOM began in 2009, with AECOM undertaking consultancy studies for Accenture’s corporate office in Madrid, aiming to reduce their footprint while reinforcing technology, innovation and collaboration.

These studies became a reality in 2016, with the arrival of a new Accenture president, when AECOM delivered a space dedicated to clients as well as employees, promoting transparency, flexibility and where Accenture and local identity converge. It is a unique and human space, featuring the Madrid skyline as a background. This first project was so successful that it became a global reference in terms of workplace.

In 2017, with a goal of consolidating their three offices in Barcelona into one historical, modernist building, Accenture trusted AECOM once again to deliver.

Accenture leads the way in digital transformation, so it was important that AECOM understood their necessities. We engaged in multiple, regular interactions to assess the priorities for this space. The presence of technology was even more important to the work undertaken by these teams, as well as incorporating flexibility in the space and enough areas for collaboration. Changing how they used their space has transformed how, when and where Accenture work with their clients.

Later that year, AECOM was also selected to create the first Digital Hub for Accenture in Spain.

We created a space where everything revolves around people, a flexible and versatile working environment capable of changing and adapting to the needs of every moment. The Digital Hub is an inspiring environment, designed to bring out the best of each of the employees, and to encourage teamwork. Innovative spaces and leading-edge technology allow users to work and share easily, enabling quality and speed in the development of projects.

In 2018, AECOM designed Accenture’s Liquid Studio for rapid application development. The Liquid Studio concept is to deliver new IT in a space which enables client visits – a collaborative environment using agile methodology, reusable components, and DevOps delivery to create solutions at “liquid speed”.

Also in 2018, located in the outskirts of Madrid, AECOM developed the Accenture Recruiting Center. A place where digital meets physical to create experiential, it was essential for this center to demonstrate all the values represented by the company.

Future Accenture employees will experience the impact of technology, people driven spaces and place making from the very beginning.

AECOM’s constant drive to create new and innovative solutions for each different space has led to a powerful and mutually inspirational relationship throughout the years.