AECOM’s regional and local government customers include major cities, states, regional consortiums, and other municipal and local agencies around the globe. We live in the same communities where we work.

With recent experience in 150+ countries, we help our customers solve complex challenges and connect their citizens in both urban and rural areas.

Our services for regional and local government include the full spectrum of our engineering, consulting, program management and construction services. We help revitalize cities through urban planning, climate change adaptation, energy efficiency and sustainability consulting, as well as condition assessment, design and renovation of facilities.

We provide planning, design and program management services for major school districts, transportation agencies and other capital programs. We also plan and design public spaces ranging from small parks to Olympic venues; justice facilities, such as police and fire stations, courthouses and emergency operations centers; and cultural centers such as museums, sports arenas and performing arts venues.

We plan, design and manage systems for drinking water, wastewater, stormwater and flood control, and we connect people through highway, bridge, rail and aviation links. In addition, our environmental specialists provide planning, consulting, design and emergency response services.

AECOM can provide local specialists who understand evolving regulatory requirements related to the construction and permitting environment, while also accessing our global experts in any industry. Our expertise also helps clients identify alternative delivery methods and help finance critical programs.