Growing up in the Philippines, I knew I wanted to be an engineer at an early age. While living in my native country, I earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering and worked for a number of construction companies. When I came to the United States, I received my master’s degree and joined an AECOM legacy company upon graduation. I find that working for a larger and more diverse company gives me the opportunity to work on a variety of different assignments. It is a welcome change.

Throughout much of my tenure at AECOM, I have provided project controls support — overseeing the scheduling, cost and contract administration functions during construction. Today, I am the site project engineer for the construction of a complex stormwater management system at Chevron Mining Inc.’s Questa Mine in New Mexico, reviewing and coordinating designs and specifications and developing construction work plans.

The transition to a project engineering role gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I like being able to see the big picture and, at the same time, move closer to my goal of becoming a project manager. The most important part of working for AECOM is the opportunity to meet different people from various walks of life. They may be designers, technical staff or engineers, or they could be the construction crew who are the superintendents, laborers or the foreman — the interplay among all these people is what I love about working at AECOM.

Working at AECOM is getting me to the place I want to be in my career.