The most exciting part of my job is just the sheer variety of customers I interact with on a regular basis. One week I might be working with a Department of Defense customer and another week with a major oil and gas company. AECOM has such a diverse portfolio of clients that it is always fascinating. Before joining AECOM, my career was in the U.S. Marine Corps, where I became a recognized expert on electronic warfare and communications technologies.

Today, my job is to lead efforts that protect our federal and commercial clients’ operational environments from security threats — whether it is from my office or a high-tech monitoring vehicle in the field. Cybersecurity breaches can threaten national security, provide predators with access to sensitive financial data or paralyze a multinational company. What impressed me when I came to AECOM was the company’s extensive portfolio in both the public and private sectors.

These days, commercial and industrial entities need to be just as vigilant in protecting their assets as the Department of Defense. As a result of my training, I bring a military-grade level of service to AECOM’s clients.

My team and I use a three-dimensional approach to cybersecurity and enterprise management, not only focusing on digital software and wireless communications, but also on the potential vulnerabilities of the facilities in which equipment is housed.

Our talented team of professionals offers industry-leading expertise in enterprise risk analysis and security. It’s one of AECOM’s greatest strengths—the caliber of the people we can recruit and retain is second to none.