My career spans more than 20 years working on social and environmental projects. I look at how we can progress as a people in the world we live in, with a focus on long-term health and resilience, including business and economic growth and stability.

Based in Hong Kong, I lead our corporate sustainability team in Asia. Our work has both internal and external components. As a global, corporate citizen, it’s important for AECOM to show leadership in how we conduct company business and execute projects for our clients, as well as how we engage in dialogue around climate literacy and demonstrate what is possible for a better future.

From an internal perspective, we produce an annual report on AECOM’s overall footprint in Asia, which includes initiatives aimed at working more sustainably. The report helps us set goals and determine what we’re doing right and how we can improve.

For our external projects, I help our clients meet business and sustainability goals, including conducting sustainability assessments, ESG (environmental, social and governance) reporting, and other technical advice. I specialize in developing climate strategies, low-carbon infrastructure design and overall stakeholder engagement. With increasing demand for both public and private entities to responsibly address and mitigate environmental impacts, the work we do makes good business sense.

I also lead the Kuala Lumpur Centre for Sustainable Innovation, which focuses on livability in Southeast Asian cities. Tied to a global effort to make cities “smarter” and address the issues of rapid urbanization, we’re focused on three topics in particular: waste management, urban mobility and low-carbon cities.

Through my work, I’m often in a position of educating others on the impacts of climate change — how it affects our businesses and our lives. As people see the effects first hand, in particular in coastal, arctic and island environments, not to mention increasing severe weather events across the globe, the message is becoming more real and more urgent. Climate change is happening, and we need to prepare by future-proofing our lives and our assets.

For all of us — individuals, communities, governments and businesses — I believe that sustainability is no longer an option, but a must-have in order to thrive in the new global economy.