Born and raised in Venezuela, I had a passion for multicultural experiences from an early age. I earned my degree in international relations, with a focus on international development and diplomacy, and started my career working for the National Council for Culture, the Canada-Venezuela Chamber of Commerce, and the Embassy of Canada to Venezuela.

With my knowledge of Canada, I came to Calgary as a permanent resident and obtained a position as manager of international business development for an engineering, procurement and construction company, eventually transitioning to strategy and development manager for their chemicals and petroleum division before joining AECOM.

As a proposal team lead for AECOM’s oil and gas business in Canada, it is my job to thoroughly understand the industry and the needs of our clients. I manage the preparation of each proposal from the moment senior management provides the “go” decision to the final contract signature and handover to the execution team. Supporting this work is an enthusiastic group of professionals representing a variety of functions. Together as a team, we establish the strategy to respond to our client’s requirements and come up with innovative solutions for the delivery of their projects.

Each of the proposals I work on represents an opportunity to promote our capabilities and expertise to new clients, but even more rewarding is obtaining repeat business with our current customers. This is a reflection of exceeding their expectations in the field, understanding their businesses, incorporating lessons learned, and raising the bar each time so we are continuously improving. The best reward for what I do is not only adding value to our company and supporting growth, but also the fact that behind every win, we help create and/or maintain jobs for people.

Travelling around the globe and seeing the impact of the projects we are involved in — from designing and building critical infrastructure, operating and maintaining transportation networks, manufacturing plants, processing and government facilities, to energy production, resource and environmental management — I am always inspired by the breadth of what we can do. It makes me feel proud of the combined expertise of our people that makes these projects possible.

My experience with AECOM has provided me with challenging situations as well as the tools to meet those challenges, shaping who I am as a person and opening my horizons even further.