I joined AECOM three years ago as director of automotive manufacturing for Europe, the Middle East and India. At that time, we had been awarded a series of multidisciplinary contracts with several automotive manufacturers, including General Motors and the BMW Group. I traveled extensively to meet with these multinational companies to discuss how AECOM could best support them.

With 18 years of industry experience, my knowledge of our clients’ requirements makes me someone who can match our planning, engineering, process safety, construction and environmental expertise to their operational priorities. That’s why I came to AECOM. Through our network of experts around the world, we can respond rapidly — and proactively — to the needs of the global companies who are our customers. I believe the scope of AECOM’S capabilities is unmatched by any other company. Also, our vast international footprint makes our professional staff accessible just about anywhere in the world.

The most exciting element of my first job with AECOM — besides the cars, of course — was the nature of our multinational projects, which included the multicultural backgrounds and diversity of everyone working on those projects.

Today I serve as managing director for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and am responsible for the strategic development and financial performance of a 350-person operational unit that provides engineering and program management services for a variety of end markets, including environment, buildings and places, workplace strategy and national governments.

Working in this industry naturally leads to many proud moments. I remember how fulfilled I felt after seeing a 120-meter-high windmill finally erected. Watching this project evolve from design on paper to actual realization was a great accomplishment. I feel an immense amount of satisfaction when I see the passion and the pride of our people as they create new possibilities for their clients and their communities.

AECOM offers great opportunities for personal and professional development in a multitude of geographies and with various technical specialties. For anyone considering a career at AECOM, I say, “Just do it!”