Back in high school I became very interested in flight and science, so the military seemed liked a natural place to explore my interests. That early passion as a young person led me to a long-term career with the U.S. Air Force and now to AECOM, where every day I work side-by-side with people who share my sense of duty to my country and a commitment to excel.

After spending 24 years in the Air Force, where I last served as Executive Director at the Air Force Joint Test and Evaluation Program Office, Nellis Air Force Base, NV, I wanted to find a civilian job where I could apply my expertise and work with others who shared my same level of commitment. I found that at AECOM.  I am currently a Senior Director for AECOM’s legacy URS Federal Services Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operations Program. Holding this position makes me directly responsible for managing and reporting on all aspects of the company’s UAS operations and maintenance efforts, which includes direct supervision of more than 155 employees around the world and control of an annual operating budget exceeding $27 million.

I have spent the past eight plus years at AECOM leading a highly skilled team of professionals supporting America’s most critical UAS systems, including the MQ-1 Predator, MQ-1 Warrior Alpha/Gray Eagle and MQ-9 Reaper.

By and large, our team works on large government contracts at military bases side-by-side with our military peers. Approximately, 99% of the people I hire are former military. Military veterans are a natural fit to serve in my program, and I feel an instant rapport with each of the potential candidates I meet whenever I attend a military Job Fair or recruiting event.  Regardless of our prior military rank, or the duties we performed, we’ve had similar work and life experiences, and we all subscribe to the same values of loyalty and integrity. I know each of these fellow military veterans will uphold the standards that I demand and that AECOM expects.

Even though I am no longer wearing my country’s uniform on active duty, my job as a Defense Contractor is very rewarding. I feel like it is a continuation of my time in the military and I am doing exactly what I’d be doing if I had remained in the military. In our program, we provide force projection and homeland security to protect the values we all cherish. Every day we help make our country safer and stronger. This is what I signed up to do over 32 years ago…and this is what I am still doing today!