I am an environmental engineer based in Miami, Florida, and work on the assessment, design and remediation of contaminated sites. My passion is the environment and creating a better quality of life for this generation and for many more to come.

One of the most rewarding things about my job is the role I play in enhancing the quality of the water people drink, cleaning the air they breathe, and treating the soil for our future generations to enjoy. This is a great source of satisfaction.

AECOM is a unique place, rich with diversified capabilities and distinguished sources of knowledge. Over the years, it has provided me with numerous opportunities to do what I love and has given me the skills to meet and exceed my clients’ needs.

My colleagues are some of the most intelligent and interesting people I’ve ever worked with. I am fortunate to be able to work with ecologists, geologists, architects, transportation engineers, information technology specialists and experts from so many diverse fields. They all provide me with an opportunity to learn about their area of specialty and to get better at what I do. I get to incorporate their skills in my work and make AECOM an even more intelligent place, ultimately providing a comprehensive quality product to our clients.

My constant motivation and encouragement to my colleagues is to make every day and every product we provide count.