“Work-Play-Energize!” LinkedIn required a premier office serving the DACH market. Therefore a vast space in a landmark press building at the heart of Munich now hosts the team and connects it world wide.
LinkedIn was looking for local market expertise in workplace strategy for the implementation of premier workplaces. The German headquarter should accommodation up to 100 multinational employees and guests.
AECOM in Munich provided consultancy in the space selection regarding feasibility of space and appropriate setting in the urban landscape. Meanwhile a series of workshops identified specific needs of the existing teams.

The design and PM teams transferred findings into projected space as capacity checks of several venue options. Thus aligning local with global objectives and budgets, while developing layout, space use and technical programs.
The relation to the landlord parties and development of a project specific lease contract needed intensive support. At the same time landlord and tenant site projects evolved from the process. The project management team provided consultancy and served as local tenant representative.
The detailed design concept implementation required coordination, tendering and purchasing with the focus on workplace furniture, light, IT and AV integration, bespoke elements and communication integration. Therefore suppliers and vendors were aligned, selected and contracted for parallel implementation in multiple landlord and tenant projects. The venue puts user needs first, showcasing the DACH image in an attractive environment and connects itself to the global LinkedIn network.