Resilient cities are smarter, more liveable and fit for the future.

AECOM is working to help organisations, cities and communities around the world build to an increasingly uncertain future. We have partnered with 100 Resilient Cities, pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation (100RC), to work with 31 cities globally to become more resilient to the physical, social and economic shocks and stresses of the 21st century.

We achieve this by translating the best science, design and analysis into practically achievable strategies. We meet cities, communities and organisations where they are at, and work with them to co-create solutions, prioritise action and monitor progress through an extensive understanding of assets, risks and vulnerabilities.

The 100RC program supports 100 global cities to respond to the megatrends of globalisation, urbanisation and climate change by developing a resilience strategy under the leadership of a chief resilience officer. 100RC addresses a broad range of challenges including struggling economies, traffic congestion, crime, food and water shortages, natural disasters, disease and terrorism.

AECOM has already assisted Sydney, Melbourne, Berkeley, Christchurch, Medellín, Colombia, Oakland, Rotterdam, Wellington, Bangkok and San Francisco to create resilience strategies. We are currently working with an additional 22 cities that have embarked on the process including Sydney, Singapore, Vancouver, Montreal, Paris and Jakarta.

Urban Resilience

The principles of resilience offer organisations a new lens through which to view their operations. It encourages those with a stake in cities to consider not only how to function in emergency situations, but also how they can contribute to a higher quality of life by enhancing economic, environmental and social outcomes. It is a model for good times, as well as bad.

AECOM helps organisations begin the journey of embedding resilience principles into their decision-making to create a stronger future.

Who we work with

We work with a wide range of organisations across Australia including, Melbourne Water, Stockland, Great Barrier Reef Foundation, Resilient Melbourne and Resilient Sydney to help build the resilience of communities and landmarks around the world.