At AECOM, we view Corporate Responsibility (CR) as an extension of our purpose: Built to deliver a better world. Our CR mission is inspired by our employees, who make a positive and tangible impact in communities around the world. Our employees serve as the blueprint for delivering more than just the physical. They are the inspiration behind our dream for a better world.

AECOM’s CR platform — Blueprint for a Better World — captures our unique CR mission:

To deliver access to safe and secure infrastructure to those who need it most, to create opportunity for the leaders of tomorrow and to protect our planet so that, together, we can realize our dream of a better world.

Supporting this mission is our commitment to three main pillars:

  • Opening Doors: We deliver access to safe and secure infrastructure so those who need it most have a place to call home and resources to thrive.
  • Creating Opportunity: We help develop the next generation of the world’s problem solvers and ensure future leaders reflect the diversity of the world we live in.
  • Protecting Tomorrow: We leverage our expertise to lessen our impact on the planet to help communities prepare for the future.

Through these pillars, we focus on specific causes or issues that reflect our professional expertise and the passions of our people:

  • Clean water and sanitation, clean energy, public spaces, homelessness and housing for displaced
  • Veterans employment and mentoring (in select markets), STEAM education and design thinking, vocational training/reskilling for adults, economic opportunity for women
  • Environmental stewardship, green design and building, urbanization, security and resiliency

For us, corporate responsibility is a reflection of our core values and priorities. It’s tantamount to good business—and being good citizens of the communities and the 150 countries where we live and work.

Blueprint Travel Grant

Blueprint Travel Grant logoThe Blueprint Travel Grant program, launched in 2018, seeks to further empower our employees as they follow their passions in volunteer service and work to create lasting, positive change. By supporting our employees through this program, and the nonprofit organizations they partner with, we can expand our reach and make a greater difference in the lives of hundreds of people around the globe.

The 2018 program encompasses 25 projects across 15 countries. The projects focus on building critical infrastructure, promoting gender equality and protecting endangered species — and demonstrate the commitment of our company and employees to open doors, create opportunity and protect tomorrow.

Featured Partners

We are proud of our partnerships around the world to support communities in need, including Engineers Without Borders and Water For People who are dedicated to sustainably building safe infrastructure and providing access to clean water. These organizations work to ensure basic human needs are met, and collaborate with leaders to solve pressing humanitarian and infrastructure challenges.

Engineers Without Borders
Water For People