At AECOM, we understand the challenge of working with terabytes of structured and unstructured data — produced across a project’s life cycle. Our team has the experience and the global reach to help clients manage and make sense of their data as it is developed and created. We optimize data intelligence across the design, build, finance and operation of an asset.

By taking a data science approach we are constantly finding innovative and powerful new ways of mining volumes of data and providing meaningful insights for our clients. We optimize an asset’s performance using advanced analytics, virtual design and construct techniques and unique dashboards that enable sound decision making, reduce risk, and provide a competitive advantage — across the total expenditure life cycle.

Over the past three years, we noticed an emerging trend — clients were seeking integrated delivery and operation, powered by a digitized asset life cycle. Directly addressing these needs, i3 by AECOM harnesses the benefits of an emergent construction knowledge revolution.

Our expert consultants around the world manage terabytes of program information and execute advanced analytics to provide real-time and predictive glimpses into problem areas, create new data-focused efficiencies in delivery and operation, reduce risk and deliver better performance.

Transformational outcomes

Managing information in a smart and coordinated way ensures significant savings in time and money regardless of the size and scale of project. And the benefits are biggest when you begin long before the first boot lands on site.

With expertise across systems integration and the skills to address complex structural and cultural issues, our information management experts bring data science and clients together through:

  • Information — validated and managed consistently across the project life cycle.
  • Intelligence — sensory networks, predictive analytics and real-time reporting creating enhanced performing facilities and processes.
  • Integration — across project environments, data sets and workflows.

Areas of information management and data science expertise:

  • Information management strategies and implementation: Our information management strategic services promote the use of a common data environment that meets existing standards and processes
  • Main Information Contracting (MIC): MIC establishes an integrated engineering environment for master data management, which provides advanced analytics, data visualization and integrated work flow design
  • Building Information Modeling and Management (BIM): BIM services include discovery and strategic development along with requirement gathering, implementation and management of asset information models
  • Asset intelligence as a service: Asset intelligence as a service provides advanced performance analytics that assist in pre- and post-occupancy evaluations and system optimization
  • Digital Asset Management: Digital asset management services focus on portfolio level solutions and soft landings with the creation of enterprise asset management roadmaps including SMART Cities.

Integrated life cycle approach

Here’s how i3 by AECOM delivers for clients:

  • Coordinate customer data — as the main information contractor, we manage and interpret terabytes of project and portfolio data.
  • Real-time access to digital information — at any point in an asset’s life cycle, clients can make more reliable, rapid and informed decisions.
  • Reduce risk — combining digital information with virtual design and construct techniques allows the creation of a built asset with minimal environmental impact, a more focused supply chain and fewer change orders.
  • Enhance system efficiency — reduce bottlenecks and assist decision making in both capital and operational stages. Using Building Information Modelling, rapid data capture and simulation techniques we create computer-generated environments that mimic real behavior and ensure quality information, resulting in less rework, high efficiency and enhanced scheduling.
  • Maximize performance — integrated information enhances collaboration and outcomes — streamlining handover processes, saving costs in the operational stages through data driven insight, and providing predictive data and real-time analytics which inform future-wise decision making.

The age of digital asset performance management is here. See what we can do for you!