AECOM is committed to serving the Intelligence Community and its unique requirements. We support national security providers as a value-add partner across the full engineering life cycle.

Focused on operating in highly classified environments, we deliver an array of global support services ranging from augmenting government personnel to base operations services; facilities maintenance and modifications; secure design/build; and language analyst and cultural support.

Our current operations include dozens of locations where we provide logistics and warehousing, engineering and construction, security, transportation, plant operation and maintenance services, and a wide range of professional services.

AECOM designs any type of facility that can be found on a military base or intelligence community campus, from secure office buildings and training facilities, to command and control centers and data centers.

Partnering with our clients in handling mission-critical support, we enable them to focus on their mission at hand. We support existing facilities and new construction activities by developing detailed procedures to maintain site operations and control electrical and mechanical systems without disruption of services and technical supply.

We are uniquely positioned to provide the latest, cost-effective practices and processes, ensuring optimal redundancy and reliability, resulting in economic performance for our government clients’ facility operations.