Under contract to destroy more than 90 percent of the weapons in the U.S. chemical stockpile, AECOM completed chemical demilitarization operations in Anniston, AL; Pine Bluff, AR; Tooele, UT; and Umatilla, OR.

AECOM is currently performing decontamination and decommissioning activities at Umatilla, Anniston and Tooele. The Pine Bluff project has been completed. We are also on the team that manages systemization, pilot testing and operations at neutralization-based chemical demilitarization plants in Pueblo, CO, and Blue Grass, KY.

Notably, among our four main facilities:

  • Two sites have achieved 10 million consecutive work hours without a lost time incident.
  • Our employees at all sites have excelled in safety, averaging one OSHA-recordable injury for every 200,000 hours worked.
  • Our four sites were recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as Star Status facilities during operations under the Voluntary Protection Program.
  • All four plants are ISO 14001-registered – an industry standard that provides requirements for environmental management systems.
  • Despite this challenging work, the injury rate has been better than the typical US office environment.

Anniston Chemical Agent Disposal Facility, Alabama

  • ANCDF used state-of-the-art incineration technology to safely destroy approximately 2,254 tons of chemical weapons stockpiled at the Anniston Army Depot – or 7 percent of the U.S. national chemical weapons stockpile.
  • The Anniston team destroyed 100 percent of the facility’s stockpile—661,579 items and 2,254  tons of nerve agents GB (Sarin) and VX, and the blister agent mustard.
  • The Anniston team operates the only “Explosive Detonation Chamber” in the United States that is designed to destroy chemical and conventional weapons. This Facility will continue to support the U.S. Military in weapons demilitarization programs.

Pine Bluff Chemical Agent Disposal Facility, Arkansas

  • Approximately 12 percent of the nation’s original stockpile was stored at Pine Bluff. The inventory included rockets filled with GB and VX nerve agents, land mines filled with VX nerve agent, and ton containers filled with the blister agent mustard.
  • The Pine Bluff team has destroyed 100 percent of the facility’s stockpile of munitions — 123,100 munitions and 3,851 tons of GB and VX. It is one of only five companies in the state of Arkansas to achieve 9 million consecutive hours worked without a lost-time incident since 1976.

Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility, Oregon

  • The Umatilla site is charged with destroying nearly 12 percent of the U.S. national stockpile of chemical weapons.
  • Chemical weapons stored at the depot consisted of various munitions and ton containers containing GB or VX nerve agents or the blister agent mustard.
  • The Umatilla facility has destroyed 100% of this stockpile, including  220,604 items, and 3,720 tons of chemical agent.
  • The Umatilla management team was awarded the Project Management Institute (PMI) Project of the Year in 2012.

 “By leveraging strong project management practices, innovative ways to identify and mitigate risks, and top-notch team building expertise, URS Corporation conquered the challenge and safely completed a critical initiative that had worldwide implications. PMI commends URS and the entire project team for these results. We are honored to name them the 2012 Project of the Year Award Winner

Mark A Langley, President and CEO, Project Management Institute.

 Both the Umatilla and Pine Bluff operating plant maintenance and program management processes utilized the predecessor tool suite of our Work Order and Warehouse Management System (W2MS), called Total Resource and Control System (TRAC). The system provided real time visibility, control and management for the supply chain, warehousing, work order, equipment, government property control, document control, and cost reporting processes required to maintain and modify the unique equipment systems that were required for the chemical destruction processes.

Tooele Chemical Agent Disposal Facility, Utah

  • Approximately 43 percent of the U.S. national stockpile of chemical weapons was stored and destroyed at the Tooele site.
  • Chemical weapons stored at the depot consisted of various munitions and ton containers containing GB or VX nerve agents.
  • The Tooele facility, as the largest facility and the longest in continuous operations has destroyed 100% of its original stockpile of 1,138,786 items and 13,617 U.S. tons of chemical agent.
  • The Tooele facility also successfully destroyed six tons of unique chemical agent not stored anywhere else in the U.S. Stockpile. Tooele successfully destroyed tabun (GA) and Lewisite without impact to their operating schedule through the use of alternate incineration technology designed, built, and operated by the Tooele team.