As the regional safety manager for southern Alberta, Canada, I am perpetually on the move, traveling between 15 oil and gas operations centers — many in remote locations that can experience harsh weather conditions. My mission is to ensure that AECOM employees, who fabricate facilities, move rigs and provide plant maintenance throughout the region, return home safely each night.

To accomplish this, I promote a collaborative safety culture. We approach our project work as a team, so it makes sense to approach safety the same way. I encourage the more seasoned staff to mentor their younger colleagues, often pairing new hires with experienced employees.

On our projects, it doesn’t matter if you are a regional safety manager, an adviser or a laborer that just started yesterday — we are all part of the same team. This is clearly evident every time you enter a job site in the way we communicate with each other and in our shared gratification about the work we do.

Our team’s hard work and devotion to safety is paying off. Our recordable injuries continue to decline year after year as we move toward our goal of zero incidents. AECOM’s size and diversity is a real advantage. Safety professionals from across the company communicate regularly, exchanging ideas, highlighting successful programs and discussing lessons learned. It is gratifying to work for a company that values safety as much as I do.