Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) operate in some of the most challenging environments and poorest communities in the Mekong region. In response to a request from NGO partners for support to make their on-the-ground work more effective, the Australian Government developed the Australia-Mekong NGO Engagement Platform (AMNEP). AMNEP supports and strengthens partnerships between the Australian Government, NGOs and civil society organisations (CSOs) throughout the Mekong, including in Cambodia, Laos, Burma and Vietnam. AMNEP provides these partnerships with technical expertise; access to policy dialogue; learning opportunities; and resources for better monitoring, evaluation and risk management. This support strengthens the Australian Government’s work with NGO partners, working towards making a greater human impact through effective development assistance in the region.

AECOM manages the Administrative Support Unit (ASU) for AMNEP. The ASU:

  • Provides secretarial and technical support for the Australian Government’s NGO engagement activities in the Mekong;
  • Facilitates and assists dialogue opportunities between NGOs in the region;
  • Provides logistical support and event management for AMNEP workshops and forums; and
  • Sources technical assistance as required.

The AMNEP ASU provides support to collaborative partnership arrangements, contributing towards Australia’s aid program in the Mekong. An example of services provided to date is the management of the high profile event ‘ASEAN Integration and Women’s Economic Empowerment in the Mekong’, which welcomed 110 participants from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Australia, Burma, Indonesia and the Philippines. Participants included representatives from the Australian Government, the Government of Vietnam and the Government of Cambodia, as well as individuals from 28 NGOs operating in the region.