Frank Machado, Mechanical Engineering

Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) – East Los Angeles College, California

I’m a student at East Los Angeles College, originally from California and living in Los Angeles most recently.

I have two priorities in life: my family and self-improvement. When I’m not spending time with my seven siblings or other family members, I try to improve something about myself. Education is a big part of this and helps me learn about the world, build on my skill set and overcome weakness.

I’ve always tried to be at a higher level — not compared to others, but higher than myself. My parents instilled a striving mindset in me since an early age, and I skipped a grade in elementary school and excelled through the rest of my school years. I attended three high schools, and participated in a dual-learning program that allowed me to take classes at a college during high school. I graduated with nearly two years of college units.

Now, I’m pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering and hope to transfer in the fall of 2018 to a four-year university.