AECOM wins big at the 2016 Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards

(November 30, 2016) — Our project teams won four awards on three entries at the Awards Gala held on October 25 by the Association of the engineering companies–Canada, in collaboration with the Canadian Engineering Magazine (CCE): all three projects were named Excellence Award winners, and one was also honoured with the special Ambassador Award.

An improved method for planning protection infrastructure against natural disasters caused by climate change in Haiti won the Award of Excellence, International Category, and the Ambassador Award. Nearly a century’s worth of natural disasters has reduced Haiti’s forested areas from 60 percent in 1923 to less than 2 percent today, leading to soil erosion and hampering water retention after heavy precipitation. AECOM conducted preliminary studies and innovatively combined engineering, hydrology and socio-economics to estimate probability and flooding event impacts on the island country. Future infrastructure needs were identified and prioritized in five watersheds, and various construction solutions were proposed such as retaining walls, dykes, micro-dams and gully check-dams. Among the many benefits from the proposed infrastructure is better protection of riverside communities, particularly vulnerable to casualties and loss.

Union Station and Front Street Revitalization, Toronto, Ontario won the Award of Excellence, Transportation Category. Over 26 million people each year pass through Union Station, downtown Toronto’s main transit hub. To address its aging infrastructure, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and the City of Toronto restored and refurbished the existing underground subway station. Extensive excavation of Front Street was required, which led the TTC and the City to simultaneously revitalize the streetscape. The result was a high-quality public realm in a highly visible and trafficked area of Toronto that improved passenger flow-through at the station level.

Giant Mine Roaster Complex Decontamination and Deconstruction, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories won the Award of Excellence, Environmental Remediation. Giant Mine produced seven million ounces of gold between 1948 and 1999, before the operator declared bankruptcy. Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada then took over site control. The Roaster Complex buildings contained significant quantities of hazardous materials and were near collapse. The site’s proximity to Yellowknife made decontamination and deconstruction a priority. AECOM and our sub-consultant, Golder, completed assessment, project design and contractor supervision. Multi-faceted work control standards were developed to minimize site workers’ exposure to asbestos, arsenic, cyanide, and arsine gas; protect the public and the environment; and confirm when decontamination was complete. Waste removal was safely concluded without negative impact to the environment, workers or the public.

“We are honoured to receive these awards recognizing our commitment to building a better world and bringing positive change in our communities,” said Doug Allingham, Executive Vice President, Canada. “I’m proud that our work drives innovation and mitigates our projects’ impacts to create safe, sustainable and resilient environments for the generations to come.”